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about hannah
owner - yellowflickerheart
Hannah is a teenage girl living in the United States. She loves guinea pigs, dance, writing, art, and obviously, fandoms. The Polyvore fandomsarelife account became co-owned by her and Angela when the founder and owner passed it to them.
Favorite song: any song by lorde or taylor swift
First fandom: sonic the hedgehog
Favorite book: also known as harper by ann haywood leal, alice in wonderland by lewis carroll, the hunger games by suzanne collins, pjo by rick riordan
Favorite show: doctor who, sherlock, person of interest and more

about angela
brilliant co-owner - childofolympus

Favorite song:
First fandom:
Favorite book:
Favorite show:

about kayli
spectacular member - hellokayli
Kayli loves bunnies, the color turquoise, strawberries, and daisies. You can often find her reading, playing the piano or clarinet, or biking. Some of her favorite characters are Piper Mclean, Linh Cinder, Sirius Black, and Tessa Gray. She ships Percabeth with all of her heart ♡.
Favorite song: anything by Taylor Swift, or upbeat, fast songs in general. She also likes classical music.
First fandom: Percy Jackson
Favorite book: So hard to choose! She loves books by Rick Riordan, the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, and recently she really enjoyed the Princess Bride by William Goldman.
Favorite show: She likes to watch anime (Nisekoi).

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